Split System Air Conditioning Installation

What is Split System?


Most Split System Air Conditioners have two units to be installed. These are connected, with one on the inside of the room and one on the outside.

  • An indoor air handling unit

  • Outdoor compressor unit

These are connected through copper piping that contains a refrigerant. This product helps the heat move from the indoor handling unit to the outdoor unit—where it’s released.


Where Can I Have Split System?


Split system air conditioners are perfect for any homes or office. With their minimal noise and extreme efficiency they are perfect for every room from baby nursery to commercial office.

Adstyle offers you both install services and the air conditioner itself to suit every room and can offer a range of different installation types ranging from the standard back to back to a roof mounted installation.


Why Chose Split System?


  • Noise control

  • Use inverter technology

  • Easy room temperature control

  • Energy efficiency 

  • Reverse cycling (heating options)

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